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I started playing tennis at the Boys and Girls Club on Atlanta City courts when I was 7. I was sitting on the bleachers in the basketball gym one day, and a camp counselor walked in and asked "who would like to sign up for our new tennis program?" I remember debating to myself whether or not I wanted to join, and all of a sudden a moment came where I instantly decided to raise my hand. I didn't know this moment would change my life forever. 

I participated in the tennis program every Friday. One day after practice, the coach approached and expressed that I was talented. My mom took his advice and entered me in a tennis program at a public facility named Washington Park, where i started playing every day.  At 8 years old, I started competing in USTA Team Tennis Matches and tournaments. I graduated from state level to southern section tournaments, and then southern section tournaments to national level tournaments.




Hello everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my new site! Since turning pro in 2015, I've experienced life on a whole new level. This sport has given me so many wonderful opportunities to meet amazing people, make lasting friendships as well as grow intellectually. My blog will reveal my journey and I hope you enjoy my topics. I will continue to document my joys, fears, highs and lows as I matriculate through my life as an professional tennis player.



Former number 1 in the world, 4 time Grand Slam Champion (two time French open, two time Australian Open), 5 time Masters 1000 Series Champion, 8 year Davis Cup Captain.

Nathan Pasha was the practice partner for the team when we played against Australia in 2017. He demonstrated exceptional qualities that week as he helped prepare our team for battle, as well as himself for tournaments to come. I noticed his diligence along with his professional attitude on court all week long.


• 2014 Dick Copas Male Athlete
• 2019 Career High 509 ATP Singles
​- 2017 Davis Cup Practice partner
     -  Coach was Jim Courier
      - Players: Jack Sock, John Isner, Sam Queery, Steve Johnson
- 2019 Monterrey 150k Doubles Champion 





For tennis fans, my blog provides a great learning experience. My blog will provide technical advice, mental preparation advice, and it will provide first hand experience of the life of a tennis professional attempting to make a jump from the minor to major leagues. I will schedule visits back to Atlanta (or wherever else) approximately once every two months to personally touch base with those that are financially helping me. The purpose of my visits are to keep personal contact, which i think is very important. I'm up for doing whatever the sponsor has in mind during my visits, whether it be having dinner or getting on court for a lesson.


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USTA Embrace All