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I started playing tennis at the Boys and Girls Club on Atlanta City courts when I was 7. I was sitting on the bleachers in the basketball gym one day, and a camp counselor walked in and asked "who would like to sign up for our new tennis program?" I remember debating to myself whether or not I wanted to join, and all of a sudden a moment came where I instantly decided to raise my hand. I didn't know this moment would change my life forever. 

I participated in the tennis program every Friday. One day after practice, the coach approached and expressed that I was talented. My mom took his advice and entered me in a tennis program at a public facility named Washington Park, where i started playing every day.  At 8 years old, I started competing in USTA Team Tennis Matches and tournaments. I graduated from state level to southern section tournaments, and then southern section tournaments to national level tournaments. While competing on the national stage, I was discovered by Rodney Harmon, Head of USTA Men's Development at the time. He recruited me to live and train at the USTA Center in Boca Raton, Florida. I lived and trained at the USTA from 15 through 18 years old. After my time at USTA, I played college tennis at The University of Georgia. We ranked as high as 2 in the nation as a team, and I was ranked as high as 19 individually. 

I graduated in 2015 and have played on tour ever since. I have learned an incredible amount thus far on my tennis journey about the game itself and life. I started on tour playing both singles and doubles. I ranked as high as 509 in the world in singles.  By the end of 2017, my doubles ranking was a little over 300 spots higher than my singles ranking. At the start of 2018, I decided to focus on doubles full time and make it a career. I finished that year 119 in the world. My goal this year is to break inside the top 80. 

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