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To Whom It May Concern:

I had the privilege of serving as the US Davis Cup Team Captain from 2011-2018. Each Davis Cup week gave me and the staff the opportunity to work with the best current American professionals, as well as bringing along America’s most promising young professionals to serve as practice partners for the team. 

Nathan Pasha was the practice partner for the team when we played against Australia in 2017. He demonstrated exceptional qualities that week as he helped prepare our team for battle, as well as himself for tournaments to come. I noticed his diligence along with his professional attitude on court all week long. He also took full advantage of his off-court time, working each day with the team’s fitness trainer to improve his fitness and agility and with the team physio and massage therapist to make sure his body was recovering from the work load. This was on top of his obvious skill and talent as a tennis player. 

Skill and raw athleticism are mere commodities at this level. What gets people to the big leagues is persistence, focus, professionalism and a good head on one’s shoulders. Nathan possesses all those qualities. 

In summary, Nathan is someone who takes the correct approach to his job. It has been a pleasure to get to know him and to watch him improve. Any assistance that you could offer him as he continues to pursue his dream would be appreciated and warranted. 

Jim Courier
US Davis Cup Captain 2011-2018


I have known Nathan since his days playing for Georgia. I ran into him a few years ago at a Money Tournament in Atlanta and we spoke about his life on the tour. Earlier this year in March I spent a few days with him going over a few things for him to work on we discussed how to align his mind right. After our session together he went out and won at $160,000 event in Mexico. I was very impressed with his immediate implication of the concepts I had introduced him too. I feel he has the game , intelligence and drive to go all the way and be a Top 20 player. Any assistance will not be squandered.

Thank you,
Ellis Ferreira


As a Head Coach of the University of Georgia Men's Tennis Team, I have recruited, coached and formed relationships with many young men over the years. There are many characteristics that I have witnessed throughout the process. I am proud to say that Nathan Pasha possesses a unique combination of determination, sportsmanship, leadership and maturity beyond his years, not to mention his phenomenal athletic ability. 

Nathan Pasha came to the University of Georgia as a highly ranked junior tennis player and has always had the dream of playing professional tennis. Even with that as the ultimate goal, Nathan recognized the value of getting an education and a college degree. He has worked extremely hard in the classroom and has been a role model for other student athletes with his work ethic and responsibility. He was selected as a member of the UGA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and was elected as a co-president as a junior. Pasha was chosen as only one of eleven student athletes inducted into the UGA Student Leadership Academy (L.E.A.D.) and was consistently on the honor roll, both at UGA and the Southerneastern Conference. 

As outstanding as Nathan has performed in the classroom, he was equally outstanding on the tennis court. He was an ultimate team player, filling the role that we needed, without regard to his personal gain. During his four years, he played anywhere from the #6 position to the #1 position and accepted the challenge with pride and enthusiasm. He supported his teammates and was always an encouraging influence. 

Nathan has achieved all of his success, to this point in his life, without the benefit from financial support from his family. Nathan has a passion for the game and has had to be creative and resourceful in order to compete at the highest level. He is no stranger to hardship or hard work. 

Currently, Nathan is hard at work attempting to make it as a professional tennis player which has been his long-time dream. Any help you can give will be more than appreciated. 


Manuel Diaz, Head Coach University of Georgia Mens Tennis


"Nathan has all of the qualities to make it on the next level of the ATP Tour, especially in terms of doubles. His big serve, explosive movement, and soft hands are matched by his hard work desire to reach the next level. I look forward to following him for years to come. 

​Eric Butorac


To Whom it May Concern:

This letter is being written to support Nathan Pasha in his quest to seek financial backing for the Professional Tennis Tour. I have currently been coaching the Bryan Brothers on Tour since fall of 2017. During this time period we have had success winning 2 Grand Slams, 3 Master Series Titles and the World Championship and year end #1 ranking for Mike Bryan. 

As you can see, my tennis knowledge about professional doubles is not limited. During this time period, I have gotten to know Nathan. We often practice with him. The reason that we practice with him, is twofold: the first reason being he is a very talented player, the second reason is he is a hard work who respects the game and others. Two things that are not often evident in today’s world.

Nathan recently spent time at my academy and trained with Grand Slam Champion Ellis Ferreira. During this time, Nathan and his game made a jump in my mind to another level. Immediately after the time spent with Ellis, he went out and won a Challenger Event. In the finals he defeated Santi Gonzalez and his partner Aisam Qureshi. I know this was a great win, because Santi and Aisam defeated the Bryans the following week in Houston in the semifinals. I think that this speaks volumes to the talent and future that Nathan has.

Professional doubles is in need of the next generation of players. The Bryans are nearing 41, and many of the other top teams are close to 40. Nathan and his generation are next. The whole key will be can he stay around long enough until he has his break through and makes it into the top 50 in the world. He is close and with financial support, I am confident that he can make it.


Dr. David Marshall, Ed.D

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